Ustacky is offering a 75% discount on all Microdegree Programs

Keeping up with Ustacky’s Covid-19 social responsibility commitments, we have decided to offer a month-long discount promotion on all our Microdegree™ programs. 

This is part of our drive to ensure  Africa is the next developers’ talent hub. Our mission is to prep the continent’s talents for global demand.

Sequel to our inaugural remote internship and Data Science Nigeria-partnered scholarship, this discounted offer is the latest initiative to keep your professional goals on track despite the raging pandemic.

The Ustacky model simplifies your learning process with detailed syllabuses, illustrative videos, real-life assignments & projects, and personalized support. This means the online learning experience is just as wholesome as physical classes.

Our learning platform will continue to be the continent’s cost-effective software development plug throughout the COVID crisis and beyond.

Why should you take advantage of this offer?

  • It’s the perfect opportunity to boost your professional credentials.
  • In just 90 days, you can master Frontend, Backend, or Fullstack development, as well as Data Science. These are some of the most lucrative entry-level jobs in the country, plus they serve as stepping stones for opportunities abroad, and more importantly, for specialized fields like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, etc.
  • You’ll get a dedicated mentor and code-reviewer who’ll guide you throughout the duration of the program. 

Eligibility and mode

This offer is test-based, meaning candidates have to take a quiz to be eligible for the discount. Upon completion, candidates get between 12.5% and 75% discount on their Microdegree™ of choice depending on how well they performed in the quiz.

This discount offer is available to Africans and Non-Africans residing in any part of the world. Visit for more info.

*Please note that this promotion expires on August 22nd, 2021.

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