How to set up your #UstackyReferandEarn Campaign


The Ustacky Refer and Earn campaign is a cool way to earn extra cash by telling your family, colleagues, friends, etc. about Ustacky.

You can access the #UstackyReferandEarn details from your Ustacky Profile. There, you’ll find a dedicated dashboard from which you can monitor, track, and request payments for all your referrals.

How to Access #UstackyReferandEarn Details

Follow the step-by-step instructions to learn how to earn cash by sharing Ustacky with your acquaintances.

  1. Sign in or Sign up to your Ustacky account.
  2. Select “My Classroom” from the “MY DASHBOARD” dropdown tab.

3. Click “Referral on the Left tab.

4. The #UstackyReferand Earn page will be displayed showing
(a) Number of referrals you have made.
(b) Amount you are due to receive.
(c) Total amount you’ve gotten.

How to share your #UstackyReferandEarn Referral Code

Your unique referral code is displayed on the right with a “copy” button. You can copy and paste this link into any website, post, page, etc. You can also share your link via emails, WhatsApp messages, Facebook & Instagram updates, Tweets, and LinkedIn feeds.

ALWAYS ENSURE YOUR REFERRALS CLICK YOUR REFERRAL CODE when purchasing from our website. Failure to do so will result in a loss of the commission!

Now, you have all the information needed to start referring your friends to Ustacky and earn cash rewards. To view your personal referral link, log in to Ustacky.

Refer and Earn Now!

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