4 Reasons you should become a Data Scientist

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With the advent of Big Data, an estimated 1.145 trillion MB of data is created every day around the globe. Making sense of such a huge amount of data has birthed a new professional calling – Data Science. 

A Data Scientist develops processes for modeling data, analyzes them, and helps organizations reach informed decisions. It’s a no-brainer why top businesses, and even government agencies, are scurrying the market for Data Science professionals.

According to mysalaryscale, the average monthly salary of an entry-level Data Scientist in Nigeria is N240,000. Besides this, here are 4 compelling reasons you should chart a career in Data Science.

1. It’s an evolving field

By 2025, Weforum.org estimates that 463 exabytes (463 million TeraBytes) of data will be created each day globally. That’s the equivalent of 212,765,957 DVDs every day! Consequently, the demand for Data Scientists will continue to grow. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that the number of jobs in the field will increase by about 28% through 2026, making it a high-demand profession.

2. Competitive Salaries

The annual salary for a Data Scientist averages at approx. USD39,000 in South Africa, USD 13,000 in Egypt, USD 26,000 in Kenya, and USD 7,000 in Nigeria. Beyond the continent, USD 115,000 is obtainable in the US and GBP 75,000 in the UK. Data Science professionals are one of the best paid in the Tech community.

3. It’s a versatile discipline

Data Science is used in a wide variety of sectors such as Academia, Scientific Research, Finance, Health, Retail, Information Technology, Government, and eCommerce. This versatility is a reason for the high demand.

4. Flexible job roles

Data Scientist roles range from entry-level to senior-level and can be full-time, Part-time, Remote, amongst others. As more organizations embrace Covid-induced work-from-home policies, the demand for remote roles will continue to surge. 

Become a Data Science Professional Today!

Roughly 11.5 million jobs are expected in the Data Science profession within the next 5 years. And continuous mining of data, especially by Big Tech companies, portends sustained growth in the foreseeable future. Therefore, pursuing a career in Data Science will be a worthy investment.

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