5 Reasons you should switch to a Tech Career

tech career

From social media to electric cars to telemedicine and virtual games, technology is an integral part of our existence in the 21st century. And a tech career is something worth considering.

A decade or two ago, the oil and gas industry was the most lucrative across the globe. Recently, the tech industry has overtaken the oil sector, a development that has seen tech dubbed as ‘the new oil’.

With an expected $5.3 trillion global industry value in 2022, tech is the fastest-growing and fastest-changing sector. 

Every other industry (Finance, Education, Security, Public Administration, Health, Sports, etc.) has adopted technological solutions to varying degrees. And as a result, the demand for tech professionals is high.

The ubiquity and lucrativeness that tech jobs provide are an opportunity to refine your career. Irrespective of your chosen field of study, the tech sector has an opening for you.

Here are the 5 reasons you should switch to the tech industry today.

1. A career for the future

As stated earlier, every aspect of our lives is being shaped by technology. All forms of personal and official communications channels are defined by tech. Emails, teleconferencing, and mobile apps (for smartphones) are just a few of the indispensable IT solutions that are with us today. And all of these technologies require tech professionals to create and manage them.
With strides in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning solutions, it will only get bigger and better.

2. A lucrative career path

In Glassdoor’s hottest jobs outlook for 2022, about half of the top 50 jobs are tech-related. Tech jobs typically pay better, are constantly in demand, and are very flexible with many remote roles available.

3. Multiple career paths

There is an unending possibility of choices when it comes to careers in tech. Software developers, data scientists, cloud professionals, web developers, with each of these having between 10 and 20 subdivisions, the opportunities are numerous. As of today, Africa has over 700,000 developers with over 50% of them based in Egypt, Kenya, Morocco, Nigeria, and South Africa.
Despite this, there are still multiple unfilled job openings in the countries.

4. Job Security

While no job is completely immune, jobs in the tech industry are mostly guaranteed as long as you stay on top of your game. This is due to the constant demand for e-services that require little or no physical interaction. Big Tech companies declared over $1.2 trillion in profits during the covid pandemic as most of their workers continued to work remotely.

5. Easy entry into the Industry

Most people still believe that it is difficult to make an entry into the tech industry.
This is FALSE.
According to the 2021 Google/Accenture Africa Developer Ecosystem report, only 33% of developers in Africa have a university degree in tech. The rest are via self-teaching, online schools, bootcamps, etc. You do not necessarily require a tech degree to become a tech professional. And you can rise to the very top no matter your educational background.


Tech is a flexible and lucrative industry with lots of job opportunities. It offers diverse roles some of which do not require knowledge of coding or programming. And lastly, it is an industry that is very easy to transition into.

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