Your guide to sourcing Remote FullStack Developer Jobs

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With remote work increasingly becoming the new norm, employees are starting to consider work-from-home arrangements as the future of work.

To many Africans, this is good news as it increases the chances of landing a job outside their immediate geographical area, and more importantly, overseas.

If you have always desired to work for a Top Tech company beyond the continent, now’s the time to start applying.

Here is concise information to get started in your search for a Remote FullStack Developer job.

Finding Remote FullStack Developer Jobs

The salary for a Remote FullStack Developer can vary greatly depending on where you work. On average, however,  you can expect a salary range of 4.06 million NGN per annum, according to

To give you a clearer picture of what’s obtainable out there, we present data from three popular job search websites to see what is available as of the first week in September 2021. 


Though a professional cum social networking site, about 170 Remote FullStack Developer jobs were available on LinkedIn within the past month in Nigeria. Roles range from internship to mid-senior level and are a mix of full-time, part-time, and contract positions. There are about 140,000 positions open in the US, 11,000 in the UK, 9,000 in Canada, and 12,000 in Germany, via the site.


A popular job-hunting site in Nigeria, there are about 90 available FullStack Developer positions advertised in the past month. A few of them are Remote roles albeit, some overlap with other aspects of Software Engineering not directly related to Fullstack.

Jobs titles posted include Full Stack Web Developer, Senior Developer, and Senior Full-Stack Developer.


Glassdoor posted 13 Remote FullStack Developer Jobs within the last 30 days in Nigeria and about 3,000 Remote FullStack Developer Jobs within the US. And salaries range from 75,000 USD to 135,000 USD, with varying positions from entry to senior level.

Acquiring the right skills for Remote FullStack Developer roles

Like all other professions, finding a Remote FullStack Developer Job requires that you go all out using a variety of job search techniques, including (but not limited to) employment websites. And with more companies transitioning to remote regimens, the odds have just been stacked up. 

Interested in a Remote FullStack Developer Job but lack the requisite skills?

The Ustacky FullStack PHP Developer and FullStack Python Developer MicroDegree Programs upskill you in comprehensive Software Development, a core role in a good number of large enterprises today.

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