The Impact of Data Science: Pros and Cons

data science

From your phone’s facial recognition to personalized social media feeds, self-driving cars, and TV ads, Data Science is impacting everything around you. And with the exponential growth of Big Data, Data Science is gradually cementing its status as a fundamental feature of our existence.

Nearly a decade ago, Harvard Business Review dubbed Data Science as “the Sexiest Job of the 21st Century”, which expectedly sparked a lot of enthusiasm in the field.

However, only a few people are acquainted with the term in its true sense. Today, we delve into the whys, pros, and cons of Data Science.

Why Data Science

Data Science is all about sourcing, storing, managing, and analyzing data to create insights and make decisions. This is why it is adapted to almost every industry. Governments, International agencies, Military, Health, Business, Computing, etc. all make use of Data Science at some point. This is why there is incredible growth in the demand for professionals in this field.

Also, there are diverse roles across Data Science some of which are interrelated or complementary. Numerous activities such as Machine Learning, Database Administration, Applications Architecture all fall under the Data Science Umbrella.

Pros and Cons of Data Science

Advantages of Data Science

  • It is a fast-evolving field: In the LinkedIn Emerging Jobs Report 2020, a Data Science discipline topped for the three years prior to 2020. This means that thousands of new jobs are projected within the next few years. Despite the snowballing in the availability of degree offerings and online programs, the demand for data scientists still outweighs the supply. Therefore, the Data Science field is teeming with opportunities for newcomers.
  • It is lucrative: The median salary for a Data Scientist is approximately USD 7,000 in Nigeria, USD39,000 in South Africa, USD 13,000 in Egypt, and USD 26,000 in Kenya. If it tallies with your interests and aspirations, Data Science can be a highly-rewarding career path.
  • It is versatile and market-resilient: Data Science positions are abundant due to their versatility. There are always options available to choose from. Also, these positions are often immune to market disruptions since data-driven insights are an indispensable aspect of an organization.
  • It’s impactful: Various aspects of Data Science such as artificial intelligence (AI), Robotics, and Machine Learning are changing the way we live and work. Data Science provides self-fulfillment as you see your work impacting society. Also, it helps with personal growth since you’d inadvertently develop a problem-solving attitude.
  • Freelance roles available: You can work as a Data Scientist remotely. A lot of companies are adopting work-from-home policies due to the pandemic. Data Science is one of the roles with such perks. 

Disadvantages of Data Science

  • It is dynamic: Data Science is always changing. And with this, data laws and regulations are constantly changing as well. Updated compliance poses a problem for professionals within the industry.
  • Data Science is vague: There is still a blurry atmosphere in relation to the actual designation of a Data Scientist. The field encompasses and overlaps data and statistics.

Become a Data Scientist

Having considered the Pros and Cons of Data Science, you should have reached a decision if it sits with your interests.

Usacky offers a Data Science Microdegree that equips you with the required skills to become a Data Scientist, and also gives you a headstart on the exciting career ahead. 

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