How to ace through your FrontEnd Developer Interview

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Responsible for clientside development and smooth user experience, FrontEnd Developer roles remain one of the most widely sought in the industry. And the increased adoption of web and web-based technologies points towards further expansion.

To clinch a FrontEnd Developer role, you’ll need to demonstrate a perfect blend of soft and hard skills during the interview process. As you know, the field is highly competitive. This means that you have to bring in your best effort in order to convince potential employers that you are capable. 

Preparing for a FrontEnd Developer interview? Here are some ideas on how you can breeze through the process.


Undoubtedly, the trio of HTML, CSS, and Javascript will form the core of the test, a good knowledge of JQuery should also be in order. You should highlight them all in your CV or Resume, but more importantly, you should demonstrate a good grasp of them during the practical evaluation. However, before getting to the technical aspect, some general questions you may be faced with include:

  • What excites or interests you about coding?
  • Which version control systems are you familiar with?
  • Mention a recent technical challenge you experienced and how you solved it
  •  Highlight the differences between CSS animations and JavaScript animations. etc.

Basic FrontEnd Developer Questions

The first set of technical questions will test you for theoretical knowledge of FrontEnd concepts. This elementary assessment is designed to see how well you understand key aspects of FrontEnd Development. Some questions you should expect are:

  • What are HTML elements?
  • Explain HTML meta tags
  •  What is the difference between a cookie, sessionStorage, and localStorage?
  • Explain the difference(s) between XHTML and HTML
  • Why do we use the W3C standard code?
  • Describe BFC (Block Formatting Context) and how it works.
  • Explain CSS display property and give a few examples of its use.
  • What are the advantages/disadvantages of using CSS preprocessors?
  • What is prototypal inheritance, and how does it work?
  • What is CallBack Function?
  • Explain CoffeeScript, and why do variables in CoffeeScript differ from JavaScript
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Advanced Technical tasks

Aside from the elementary appraisal, you will be asked to practically demonstrate your skills in mock tasks. Expect this aspect to focus on practical skills required for the specific job/role you’re applying for. Do not fret, however, as they will consist mostly of what you had been equipped for while learning. Expect questions like:

  • What is a CDN and what is/are the advantage(s) of using one?
  • Highlight ways you can improve your website’s scrolling performance.
  • How do you structure your source code to make it easy for a colleague to navigate?

You will be asked to write a code or solve some such as:

  • Apply a colour attribute to an SVG element.
  • What is the difference between these four promises?
  • doSomething().then(function () {
      return doSomethingElse();
    doSomething().then(function () {

    Secure Your Ideal FrontEnd Developer Role Today

    By gearing yourself up to adequately answer some of the FrontEnd Developer interview questions, you’ll be able to showcase your skills and illustrate why you should be paid a top salary. Either for a full-time or remote FrontEnd Developer job, brilliant interview performance is key to landing the role.

    No matter how unskilled you are at the moment, if learning to code is something you would like to do, it is achievable. Start today by enrolling in Ustacky’s FrontEnd Web Developer Microdegree program. In just 90 days, you will be well-positioned for a successful career in FrontEnd Development. 

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